Meetings imagined Let's move beyond tables and chairs

Today’s attendees expect more out of meetings. They want a meeting to be engaging and leave them feeling connected, inspired an accomplished. That’s why Marriott starts with people – the way they work, the technology they use and their business purpose. Because when you move the conversation from tables and chairs to people and purpose, you get not just a meeting but an experience.

Meetings Imagined is a new philosophy for planning and designing meetings that start with the meeting purpose. It places a powerful, innovative collection of tools and services in the hands of planners to help them design and deliver inspiring experiences for their attendees – on any budget.

Meetings Imagined has changed the conversation about meetings by giving planners a greater opportunity to meet business goals and deliver exactly what attendees are looking for. No other hotel company does this. Meetings Imagined by Marriott elevates the meeting experience through:

  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY that is unrivaled in the industry
  • Distinctive hotel brands that provide a differentiated meeting experience
  • expertise brought to you by the most passionate people in the business

Working with experienced partners like Levi Party Rental and Play,┬áto ensure the best quality and to offer you, your prefered setting. Working with the best in the field allows us to make your meeting even better then you’ve imagined.

And, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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