Red Coat Service-Meeting Service App

Whatever meetingroom or -type you choose, we offer a Red Coat Service. It is one of the standards that we offer when you plan a meeting at our hotel. The Red Coat Service consists of 2 offers; the “Red Coat Host” or the “Red Coat App”.

When you prefer a more personal approach we offer you an on site contact person, the Red Coat Host. Why “Red Coat’? You may take this literally, your host will be wearing a red vest. He or she will discretely remain at your disposal and will be able to answer all your questions as well as offer a solution to most of your problems. They are experts when it comes to organising meetings and have good knowledge of all the technologic equipment we have available.

When you are a digital native and prefer a very quick fix, you may choose to download our Red Coat App. Adjust the temperature? Lower the blinds? You would like some Coffee? You are able to post your requests via the app and all technical support will be offered online and straight away, only your coffee might take us a minute. The app makes it possible for you to work efficient and without any disturbance. The app is available in no less than 20 languages.